Thanks y’all for joining our #WeKeepUsSafe training on community defense! We created a timeline of how police formed in the US, practiced our de-escalation tactics, and skilled up on cop-watching. We are a part of national coalition participating in Week of Action Against the School to Prison Pipeline. Find out more here. Some resources from […]

Freedom School Deadline EXTENDED!

:: NEW DEADLINES :: Raleigh: June 7th Chapel Hill: June 15th Durham: June 28th Greensboro: June 28th The 2019 dates are as follows: Raleigh Freedom School: June 18 to June 28 (Tuesday to Friday) Durham Freedom School: July 16 to July 28 (Tuesday to Friday) Greensboro Freedom School: July 23 to August 2 (Tuesday to Friday) Chapel Hill Freedom […]


For the past decade, YOI’s Summer Freedom School has been a space for high school students who are passionate about changing the world to convene, share stories, and learn the skills necessary for creating the world we deserve. There will be art, workshops, dancing, talent shows, field trips, and so much more. Freedom School focuses on the developing of this […]

Spring Training + How to Resist HB370

“I have always thought that what is needed is the development of people who are interested not in being leaders as much as in developing leadership in others.” – Ella Baker Thank you for making this year’s Spring Training: History of Migration & Deportations such a powerful day! Shout-out to the revolutionary young people who attended. They […]

STOP HB 370!

From MERI (Movements to End Racism & Islamophobia): HB 370 passed the NC House. This is a racist bill that would force Sheriff departments across NC to collaborate with ICE by asking people about their immigration status, reporting anyone who might be undocumented to ICE, and honoring ICE detainers or other requests. The bill is […]