From MERI (Movements to End Racism & Islamophobia):

HB 370 passed the NC House. This is a racist bill that would force Sheriff departments across NC to collaborate with ICE by asking people about their immigration status, reporting anyone who might be undocumented to ICE, and honoring ICE detainers or other requests.

The bill is a direct response to policies passed by newly elected sheriffs in five counties, who have kicked out 287(g), cut ICE jail contracts and are refusing to honor ICE arrest warrants.

It’s really important that we defeat this bill to defend our communities from ICE!  Please sign the petition from Siembra NC, and see info below from members of the Stop HB370 Coalition to call your representatives and Gov. Cooper, and share on social media!


Additional actions and more information:

>>> Thank your NC House representative if they voted against the bill yesterday. Click here to see how they voted. Call to express your disapproval if they voted “yes”. You can look up your representatives here.

>>> Contact your State Senator and ask them to vote against HB370. For more info about contacting your senator, see this action alert from MERI partner NC Justice Center.

>>> Share on social media: See this info packet for graphics and sample messages to share!

>>> Learn more about HB370 from El Pueblo: info in English and Spanish