September 12th-29th: Media Round-Up

Student News

Actions/Events: Upcoming and Recently 


  • Check out this powerful video from NCSPU’s fall conference: Stand Up, Fight Back!

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September 1st-11th: Media Round-Up

This is YOI’s inaugural media round-up! Check in every other week to find a collection of articles, blog posts, art and media from our YOI alums/grads, community partners and allies and relevant movement updates in North Carolina, across the South and what’s inspiring us from all over the country and world–with a particular focus on the struggles youth, people of color, LGBTQ youth and working class youth are fighting!

We hope that this will be an opportunity to uplift the work we are doing as well as more proactively archiving and documenting our struggles!

From our Youth and Staff

  • Our staff member Sanyu Shares a short reflection on her recent trip to Portland, OR for a members convening with Dignity in Schools Campaign.
  • Our staff member Q wrote a piece entitled “Intersections: Young, Black and Queer” that’s been published on Nubian Message about the intersections of Blackness and Queerness. Check it out!!!

    For all people of color at N.C. State, a desk in a classroom where we’re the only brown dot on the horizon can feel like a desert island. The need for community, support, and shared understanding and experiences is something we have all felt deeply; but for queer Black folks, that need is experienced to the power of two.

  • One of our Freedom School graduates, Ajamuito, wrote a short piece on the importance of solidarity with Ferguson and Palestine! You can read it here.

    The killing of Mike Brown is nothing new to our community, in fact it happens quiet often, and unarmed people of color are being killed by the police nation-wide and nothing is changing.

Student News

Actions/Events: Upcoming and Recently 

  • Durham Solidarity Center where YOI is housed kicks off Solidarity September! Check out their newsletter (which mentions a “DING DONG! ART POPE IS GONE!” Dance Party)

Other important things!

  • Check out Hands Up United to keep up with what’s happening in Ferguson, MO!

Dignity in School Campaign Convening – Sanyu G.

On August 9 to 11th we had a small convening in Portland, Oregon with our national partners in the Dignity in School Campaign.  Together we had valuable workshops media campaigns, base building and on collecting school discipline statistic from all school districts. Most of the workshop were led by fellow DSC members from community groups, DSC staff and youth.  Aside from skill-building workshops we attended several panels in which parents and young members shared their experiences and local findings about the various way the School to Prison Pipeline is impacting their community. They also presented stories of resistance and tactics to build awareness and win policy victories.  Finally, we attended a meeting with the Portland school district administration that was organized by DSC members in the Portland Parent Union. Local Portland parents, students and the DSC member from all over the country gathered to share how we are combating the school to prison pipelines. We started the meeting by singing the Freedom Side song and talking about the work that is being done across the US to reform punitive school discipline codes both on the local and national level. Lastly, the meeting opened up to the Portland school districts administration including the superintendent, child services heads and several principals. All of which expressed dedication to working with the community to end the school to prison pipeline.