Freedom School Graduation

Join us for our Freedom School graduation! This is our end of summer celebration open to all participants, families, volunteers, and other community members. Students will receive their stipend and a certificate. There will be food and music. This is also an opportunity for Freedom Schoolers from across the different cities to meet each other! […]

ALL IN FOR MAY 16! Sign the Petition!

Students and community members from across North Carolina support our teachers and school workers who are mobilizing to the state legislature in Raleigh for more funding for our schools on May 16! For years, the politicians in Raleigh have passed cut after cut to public education and services. 7,000 teacher assistant positions have been cut. […]

Join the Adult Ally Mob Squad!

This summer, the Youth Organizing Institute is hosting its 9th Annual Summer Freedom Schools! It will be our fourth year with both a Raleigh and Durham Freedom School. Over the years, adults have been an essential part of the Schools, and we want to deepen and expand our Adult Mob Squad, which is the holding […]

School Safety Forum Notes

    On April 14, 2018, students, parents and community members attended the School Safety Forum. This forum was organized by the Youth Organizing Institute, Education Justice Alliance and Youth Justice Project. This forum was convened as a response to the Parkland Massacre and the ongoing conversation on safety in schools.  On March 21, 2018 […]