“I have always thought that what is needed is the development of people who are interested not in being leaders as much as in developing leadership in others.” – Ella Baker

Thank you for making this year’s Spring Training: History of Migration & Deportations such a powerful day! Shout-out to the revolutionary young people who attended. They asked ALL the questions, diving deep to unpack years of injustice in this country. We’re honored to support youth organizing for ten years now. Political education is crucial to building a strong movement that is centered in its history and those who cam before us.

✨ Shout-out to our powerhouse facilitators: Roxana, Raul, Michelle, and Mary Jose! ✨


Our partnerships are really what fuels us. We’re so grateful to El Pubelo and Migrant Roots Media for their dedication to migrant justice here in the Triangle and beyond.

Support migrant justice with us this Saturday!

Saturday, May 4th at 10:30am in Raleigh
  • As you may already know, HB370 is a bill currently in the house to force the sheriffs to ask the country of origin – basically, ask for “show me your papers” – to everyone in police custody.
  • It has already been approved by the House of Representatives, and now the Sheriffs Association is backing it. But almost 5,000 people have already signed the petition against the proposal.
  • There are buses leaving the Triad – save your seat by registering at http://tiny.cc/4mayo, or you can send us a message on this page. Children welcome! Sign up so we know how many tamales and sodas to bring.