Our first year hosting FOUR Freedom Schools in Raleigh, Durham, Greensboro, and Chapel Hill!

How did we make it through the 9th annual Summer Freedom Schools? With the help of numerous volunteers, workshop leaders, and parents.

In Raleigh, we have many thanks to give! Thank you to Chris, Reed, Tito’s parents, and Maria’s mom for feeding us. Thank you to Santos, Felicia, Roxane, Stormie Day, Q, and Tavon for facilitating workshops. Happy Birthday Gina. Happy Birthday Alex. Happy Birthday Jaida. Thank you El Pubelo for the space. Shout-out to our interns Jayla and David!

In Durham, thank you to Chris, Liv, and Reid for providing rides to students. Thank you to Reed, Chantelle, Jill, and Chris for donating lunch. Thank you to all our facilitators: Roxana, Stormie Day, Rose, Gemynii, Gabby, Pages, Dante. Happy Birthday Seth & Babette. Thank you to CityWell allowing us to use this space and Wheels for our final day. Shout-out to Assata and Arianna for interning with us! #FreedomSchool18 #DurhamFreedomSchool #DurhamFS #DurhamNC #YouthOrganize #YouthOrganizing

In Greensboro, thank you to Carly, Doha, Chasyn, Cheizar, Ayah, and Nhawndie for facilitating. Happy Birthday to Reem. Happy Birthday to Angelica. Thank you to Allison, Susan, Kirsten, Reggie, Sharon, John, Tricia, Rehsetta, Melissa, Sarah, Lamar, and many others for volunteering! Thank you to Aim Higher Now for welcoming us into the space.

Chapel Hill Freedom School participants take a break during their tour of Northside on Mrs. Patterson’s famous rock wall. This wall is the same spot where local youth organizers, known as the Chapel Hill 9, planned the Chapel Hill sit ins during the civil rights movement!

In Chapel Hill, thank you to Ari, Sam, and Lue for bringing breakfast, lunches, and snacks. Thank you to all our facilitators & staff: Marcella, Sunny, Christine, Babette, Brennan, Q, Tavon, Desmera, Muffin, Mina, Angum, and Ajamu. Thank you to University Presbyterian Church for being gracious to let us use their church.