Students and community members from across North Carolina support our teachers and school workers who are mobilizing to the state legislature in Raleigh for more funding for our schools on May 16!

For years, the politicians in Raleigh have passed cut after cut to public education and services. 7,000 teacher assistant positions have been cut. NC is 39th in the country in per pupil spending, and is 37th in the country in teacher pay. 25% of our students in NC live in poverty.

We’re inspired by education workers here and all over the country who are taking action to say: enough is enough!

Students and community in our state have long stood shoulder to shoulder with our teachers and school workers to oppose budget cuts, to fight racism in our schools from SROs and policies that push students out of school and into to the criminal injustice system, efforts by right-wing millionaires like Art Pope to re-segregate our schools and much more.

If you support our teachers and school workers, sign your name below!



The Youth Organizing Institute’s incubator, the Southern Vision Alliance is disbursing mini-grants up to $500 to educators coming to Raleigh on May 16 through the Community Rapid Response Fund. Learn more here about SVA and the CRRF: