Join the Youth Organizing Institute and Education Justice Alliance for a community forum on school safety!

As the debate on school safety continues, and as lawmakers across the country insist that safety means arming teachers and putting more cops in schools, we know we have a different vision for safe schools.

All students, especially students of color of color, LGBTQ students, undocumented and Muslim students, as well as disabled students will be safe when our schools and communities are free from racism, misogyny, Islamophobia, transphobia, etc.

Join us at this forum where we will put hold decision makers accountable to our students and our schools. The youth, students, and their families who are most directly impacted by the violence caused by injustices in their schools and communities must be the ones to define what safety means

We invite students, parents and community members who have concerns about school safety and violence to come and speak out.

We invite legislators, school board members, and other decision makers to come listen to students and their communities concerned about school safety.

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