After a successful HKonJ, YOI hosted a space for youth to come together and connect with other youth and their movements. YOI believes that Youth Centered spaces are crucial for youth to be able to voice their concerns, issues, and ideas without the judgement or, at times, overpowering voice of older movements and organizers. As YOI, we strive to develop youth leaders, and develop spaces for them to feel comfortable in their organizing experience.

We held space at Sitti Restaurant after marching with NAACP and dozens of Organizations at the annual HKonJ March in downtown Raleigh. Youth from across NC, from Asheville, to Charlotte, Winston Salem and the Triangle, joined us. During the Youth Gathering, students were able to mingle and relax, while connecting with other active youth in NC. Youth and students from 9 different organizations and 14 schools, came together and voiced their concerns in their communities and campuses.

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