Today, we honor unpaid and unprotected workers, teachers and childcare workers, farm workers and garment workers, blue and pink collars alike. We fight for safe work environments, union rights, $15/hr living wage, and universal healthcare. Whether or not you striked on May Day, whether or not you’re working today, resistance is not a one-time event or pre-designated holiday. Workers’ rights are people’s rights, immigrant rights, queer rights, women’s rights, and student rights. It is our individual resistance that fuels collective power and that makes a group of people into a community. This Labor Day, take some time for yourself so you can win again tomorrow. As we approach the new school year, we will offer many opportunities to stand with workers, teachers, students, and caregivers because #ItIsOurDutyToFight!



On August 14th, following Charlottesville, Durham activists took back the city and tore down the confederate statue in front of the old courthouse. Days later, the KKK infiltrated our city to terrorize and immobilize those who are resisting white supremacy. But Durham showed up regardless with a thousand counter-protesters that kept the Klan at bay. These actions inspired countless other acts of resistance. To double the impact, keep up with #DefendDurham on Facebook.


Thank you to TWF for hosting this eye-opening, imaginative conference for grant recipients! Third Wave Fund is an activist fund supporting “youth-led gender justice” and has consistently funded ground-breaking work in North Carolina. One of our organizers was able to connect with other grantees to talk about funding, and had this to say, “Third wave is a feminist, activist fund led by women of color and queer and trans people. Folks had time to talk and hear about what kind of work folks are doing, along with their wins and challenges. We were able to build with one another and get deep about the funding world!”

S E P T E M B E R E V E N T S:

September 5th, 2017. Documenting Movements: a Conversation on Walking the Line. “North Carolina activists are making history. We see the demonstrations go viral. The world is watching. Who’s holding the camera? What are the concerns for the safety of people in front of the lens and for those behind the camera? How do we tell different stories than the in-and-out mainstream media that descend for their soundbite? Can we show the backstory behind bold actions – the history, context and organizing that led to this moment? Is this journalism, alliance or something else altogether? How do storytellers build trust in these times?” 7pm at Beyu Cafe in Durham.

September 6th, 2017. Pack the Court in Solidarity with Dwayne: #DefendDurham. “Dwayne’s first trial appearance is Wednesday, September 6 at 9am. Let’s keep the pressure on and deliver a strong show of love and solidarity.

In a cascade of arrests of anti-racist organizers in Durham, North Carolina since the Confederate statue in Durham was toppled, Dwayne is the latest to be targeted. Please try to arrive by 8:45 so we can be present in the courtroom when his trial begins at 9am.” 8:45am at Durham County Courthouse on Dillard.

September 9th, 2017. Outdoor Documentary: The Rise and The Fall of Liberty. “*Food and drink begin at 7PM, screening begins at 8:15PM when the sun goes down! When developers in Durham, NC, demolish an iconic tobacco auction house in the name of revitalization, they not only displace a community of artists, they also threaten the soul of the community. “The Rise and Fall of Liberty” examines the ebb and flow of Liberty Warehouse’s 80-year lifespan, draws parallels with the evolution of downtown Durham, and reveals the often touching, interdependent relationship between the two. It also raises key questions about the tension between the drive for progress and the character of the city. RT: 52 minutes.” 7pm at Durham Athletic Park.

September 15th, 2017. NC Trans Pride. “This year’s theme is “Centering Care and Unlearning Oppression”. Trans organizers from across the state are teaming up with the Women’s and Gender Studies Program and the LGBTQ Faculty/Staff Caucus at UNCC to bring you this year’s NC Trans Pride!

We invite you to join us for a day of amazing vendors, speakers, workshops and skillshares centering trans resiliency and resistance!” UNC Charlotte Center City.

September 21st, 2017. Tejana Por Vida (supporting Durham Prison Books). “Mamis & the Papis is a collective of womxn, femmes and tender hearted folx who are excited to share with you the music of our hearts and people. We welcome everyone–queer, trans, gnc folx– to come revel in the music and sip on some delicious beverages.

$5 door fee goes to a rotating community, grass roots organization. This month’s door proceeds will go toward Durham Prison Books.” 8pm in Arcana in Durham.

September 29th, 2017. Rainbow Bull Bash (a party for queer youth ages 13-19). “A party for queer youth ages 13-19. Come join us in dancing the night away to live music, crafting, snacking, and playing board games.” 6pm at the LGBTQ Center of Durham.

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