On September 26, Queer-Straight Alliance leaders at E. Chapel Hill High were targeted with homophobic vandalism. The administration has yet to take action to address the incident. Please see the students’ call to action below and click through to sign the petition.

Ms. Tully: Make our School LGBTQ+ Inclusive

To: The administration at East Chapel Hill High School
From: [Your Name]

On Saturday, September 26, 2015, homophobic graffiti was spray painted on school grounds. We as students, teachers, parents, community members, and outside supporters recognize this as an act of hate. We believe that this kind of behavior should not be tolerated at school and are dissatisfied with the way that the school administration has handled this occurrence.

In this letter, we call for principal Eileen Tully to respond to this situation accordingly. We ask that she take three actions:

First, we ask that Ms. Tully send a message to parents and staff letting them know that these kinds of actions are not permitted at our school. We want the administration to express their support for East’s Queer Straight Alliance and to guarantee their protection.

Second, we ask that Ms. Tully conduct an extensive investigation that allows the administration to identify those who took part in this act of hate and to take the subsequent actions that are necessary.

Third, we ask Ms. Tully to call for a student assembly to let students know that East is a safe place for everyone and that the school administration will take the necessary actions to maintain a safe environment for all.

We hope that you will take this matter seriously and that you will address the issue at hand as soon as possible. We would like for this to happen before the end of October. Otherwise, we will ask the Lincoln Center to take direct action.