Calling High Schools Students! Work this Summer to Save Our Schools, End Racism, and Stop Re-segregation!

Action for Community in Raleigh invites you to:
Join the Young People’s Community Organizing and Leadership Institute

The Young People’s Community Organizing and Leadership Institute will take place in the summer of 2010. The Institute will be led by a multi-racial, multi-lingual group of young people who will work with communities around Wake County.

Together we will build strong alliances that will fight the move to re-segregate public schools in Wake County, and beyond that, make our schools and communities more just and equitable for ALL students, parents, and families. Graduates of the Institute will complete trainings in the following areas:
· Multi-racial organizing
· Investigation and research methods
· Power-mapping and building an organizing campaign
· Neighborhood canvassing and community outreach
· Interview techniques & video/editing production
· Event planning, lobbying, and how to organize rallies and protests that have impact

Institute participants will conduct video interviews with parents, students, residents, teachers and civil rights leaders and will create a series of informational videos about the history of the school system that will underscore what is at stake for our communities. You will share the work at the end of the summer through a media showcase.

Participants who are accepted to the full program and who can complete least 130 hours of training and fieldwork are eligible for a $600 award.

If you are not able to complete the entire Institute – it’s ok – we still need you! Sign up to volunteer over the summer – you’ll go door-knocking, organize concerts and other events, and help to build a strong army of students who will work together to create the kind of schools we all need and deserve!

To download and fill out an application click here!

To submit your application send it via e-mail to or mail to 331 W Main St, Suite 408, Durham, NC 27701 Questions? call 919 413-1276