March to Defend Education in Raleigh on October 7!

Young people, students, teachers, parents, and community members will be coming together in Raleigh on October 7, a National Day of Action to Defend Education.

March 4, the last national day of action, saw over 130 actions in 33 states to stop the attacks on education. October 7 will again see tens of thousands of students, workers, and teachers across the U.S. take to the streets to defend education.

In North Carolina, young people are fighting back. From the ongoing work on universities to stop budget cuts, tuition hikes, and layoffs, to the struggle in Wake County to stop re-segregation and privatization in the public schools, and the organizing to win access to higher education for undocumented youth and to pass the DREAM Act.

Join us in Raleigh at the State Capitol Building on October 7 at 3pm as we demand:

**Stop the cuts to education! No to tuition hikes! No furloughs or layoffs!

**Art Pope: Hands off Wake County Schools! No to re-segregation and privatization

**Pass the DREAM Act now! Full access to education for undocumented students!**Money for education and jobs, not war!

WHAT: March to Defend Education

WHEN: Thursday, October 7

3pm – Rally at the State Capitol Building

4pm – March through downtown Raleigh

WHERE: State Capitol Building in Raleigh (1 East Edenton St.)

How you can get involved and help build October 7!

Here are things you can do to get involved in the organizing for October 7:

1) Download and print out Oct 7 fliers! Pass them out to your friends and hang them up in places where lots of people will see them.

2) Come out to the Organizing Meeting Sunday, October 3! Folks from the different groups who have been organizing for October 7 will be getting together this Sunday, Oct 3, at 3pm at Pullen Memorial Baptist Church in Raleigh (1801 Hillsborough St) to paint a banner, make signs, leaflet around downtown, make phone calls to turn people out, and getting things together for the march later in the week

3) Join the Facebook event for the October 7 March to Defend Education and invite your friends! Click here to RSVP on Facebook

4) Make the October 7 flier your Facebook profile picture

5) Come out to the press conference at the Wake County School Board Meeting, Tuesday Oct 5, at 5pm! NC Heroes Emerging Among Teens (HEAT) is speaking out against the push towards re-segregation and announcing the plans for October 7 at the school board meeting (3600 Wake Forest Rd, Raleigh)

6) Pass out leaflets for October 7 on the buses to the One Nation March in DC this Saturday, October 2! If you’re heading up to DC for the One Nation March this weekend, print out some fliers and talk to folks on your bus about October 7

7) Be there on October 7!

Learn to Register Voters! Build Youth Voice!

***Register for the training today by clicking here!

Join Wake Education Advocate partners: NC Equals, Great Schools in Wake, the Youth Organizing Institute, and NC HEAT for a Voter Registration Training on Saturday, September 11 from 10am-1pm at the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Raleigh.

Participants will also learn about how to get involved in building power in our communities to improve our schools and work for justice immigration policies. If you care about good schools for ALL children and creating a community of tolerance, love, and respect, please come out to this training.

Don’t forget to register! Click here!

NC HEAT “End of Summer Media Showcase”

Join Wake County high school students for their “End of Summer Media Showcase!” This summer members of NC H.E.A.T. (Heroes Emerging Among Teens) explored the history of civil rights and social justice organizing in North Carolina. They will be sharing their experiences through are, music, video, dance, and public speaking.

Supporters of excellent and equitable public schools are invited to this event. Proceeds will go to support future youth-led endeavors for education justice.

Any students interested in joining NC H.E.A.T. are encouraged to attend.

Advance student tickets (age K-12 and college) are $2 and adult tickets are $5. Tickets can be purchased in advance through Ariel Whitman (919-961-1804), or at the door for $3 (students) and $7 (adults).

There will be a raffle, buttons, and t-shirts for sale and light refreshments!

RSVP on Facebook by clicking here!

NC HEAT keeps on moving forward!

Two members of NC HEAT open up the July 20 mass demonstration!

After taking part in last week’s incredible march and demonstration organized by the NAACP, we’re hitting the ground this week, working on our upcoming media showcase and making plans for this coming school year!

We’ve divided up into production teams and are working on making two short documentaries on different aspects of the struggle in Wake County to resist the attempts to re-segregate our schools. From interviewing different experts and community leaders to filming at the demonstration on July 20, we’ve been getting lots of footage are almost ready to start editing and getting the final products together! We’ll be hosting a community event to show our films as well as an NC HEAT orientation meeting for high school students interested in getting active on August 17 at 6:30pm at the Burning Coal Theatre in Raleigh. Keep checking back here for more updates and details about that event as we get closer!

This week, Mark Dorosin, senior attorney from the UNC Center for Civil Rights, joined us and talked about the history of desegregation, how the re-segregation of Charlotte Mecklenberg schools relates to the current struggle in Wake County, and gave us a picture of what the diversity program did and how that could change if the Re-segregationist Five’s plans go forward. Historian and author Tim Tyson was also with us and did a workshop on the history of the Civil Rights movement and civil disobedience.

We’ve been talking a lot about how to continue to build the struggle to defend our schools during this upcoming school year. Some of the ideas that we’re working with are  starting HEAT chapters at our schools, organizing different educational events and organizing trainings throughout the year, as well as a number of other ideas about campaigns and how to get more students active that we’ll keep folks updated on as things become more concrete.

There are two weeks left in the Organizing Institute and we’re getting really excited to get things going this school hear! Forward ever, backwards never!

March against re-segregation Tues, July 20 at 10am!

NC HEAT will be joining with thousands of other students, young people, parents, civil rights activists, members of the faith community, and other community organizations this Tuesday, July 20 at 10am at the Raleigh Convention Center for the mass demonstration against re-segregation being organized by the NAACP. Two members of NC HEAT will speak from the main stage, and we’ll be out in full force to stop the plans to take our schools back to the days of Jim Crow segregation. Later that day, we’ll join with other folks at the school board meeting to make our voices against the Re-segregationist 5 heard loud and clear! The following is a message from Rev Barber, president of the NC NAACP, urging everyone to come out to the march! NO TO RESEGREGATION!


Why We Must Mass Mobilize Against Resegregation In Wake County NC-A Local, State, And National Issue

By Rev. Dr. William J. Barber II

Over the weekend I have spent some time reflecting on the moral philosophy contained in so much of our nations written ideals. Beautiful Words like “We The People….” Strong Commitments like, ‘indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.” Righteous hope for change, found in the words to our second national anthem, America the Beautiful, “America! America! God mend thine ev’ry flaw, Confirm thy soul in self-control, Thy liberty in law”.

I spent a moment with Justice Marshall’s writings. All last week, I watched the right wing Senators malign him during Ms. Kagan’s confirmation hearings. And I reflected on what Justice Marshall said at the U.S. Constitution’s 200th birth day, in 1987:

“The men who gathered in Philadelphia in 1787 could not have envisioned these changes. They could not have imagined, nor would they have accepted, that the document they were drafting would one day be construed by a Supreme Court to which had been appointed a woman and the descendant of an African slave. “We the People” no longer enslave. But the credit does not belong to the Framers. It belongs to those who refused to acquiesce in outdated notions of “liberty,” “justice,” and “equality,” and who strived to better them”.

I considered how my own mother, who still works in the public education system and my father who is now deceased were apart of those who refused to acquiesce who worked to end segregation in this state.

And then I thought about the great call of my faith tradition in regards to community, as found in the King James Bible Galatians chapter 3: There is neither Jew nor Greek, there is neither bond nor free, there is neither male nor female: for ye are all one in Christ Jesus.

After this time of reflection, I felt a fresh sense of urgency as to why we must stand in unity and Mass Mobilize against what the anti- diversity, right-wing, tea-party sympathizing, resegregationist caucus is doing in Wake County. In the face of overwhelming opposition, these five people-I don’t care where they are from . . .I care about how they are hurting our children-are marching forward to the ideology of their right-wing sponsors. Tearing us apart; using our children as pawns in their cynical aim to destroy public education and socio-economic diversity. Our children are being used as tools of division.

We must see this as a state and national issue. They are trying to create a false dichotomy by suggesting, without an ounce of empirical research. . . without a drop of moral underpinnings. . . that Wake County’s commitment to socio-economic diversity is the enemy of school excellence. The truth, and the research both say the opposite: socio-economic diversity is the friend of school excellence.

Their concept of ‘Neighborhood’ is too narrow. They want private schools with public dollars for those who can afford to move to rich neighborhoods in the suburbs. And they want pools of misery in high-poverty, racially-identifiable schools for the poor, who have been jammed into certain sections of Raleigh by red-lining, discriminatory lending and zoning policies and practices, and other legacies which had their genesis in the profane rational for slavery and not-so-long ago racist practices in our society. Continue reading

Mass Meeting for Youth & Parents on July 15 at 6:30pm

NC H.E.A.T. would like to invite all Wake County students and parents to attend a mass meeting on Thursday, July 15 at 6:30pm at Pullen Memorial Baptist Church (1800 Hillsborough St) in Raleigh. At the meeting, we’ll be discussing the Wake County School Board’s recent decisions to dismantle the busing program and put us on the road to resegregation, answering any questions about these decisions and what this means for our community,  and building for the mass mobilization being planned by the NC NAACP and others on July 20.

If you have any questions, want to learn more about how you can get involved in NC H.E.A.T. or the demonstration on July 20, please contact!

All out for July 20! No to re-segregation!

Check out NC H.E.A.T.!

Youth and students from the summer organizing institute, now known as NC H.E.A.T. (Heroes Emerging Among Teens), along with other community members make yard signs against resegregation at Chavis Park!

Come Picnic, Party and Paint with the Wake County Youth Summer Leadership and Organizing Institute!

The Wake County Youth Summer Leadership and Organizing Institute is kicking off this week and is hosting a community gathering at Chavis Park in Raleigh this Thursday, June 17, from 4-6pm. Come out and enjoy food, get to meet with the dynamic student leaders participating in the Youth Institute along with other community members, and help to make yard signs with messages against the attempts to resegregate the public schools in Raleigh!

The Youth Institute is a summer-long program that is bringing together high school students from across Wake County who are interested in fighting against the move to resegregate our schools and, beyond that, want to make our schools and communities more just and equitable for all students, parents and families.

For more information about the Youth Institute, the community gathering this Thursday, or the struggle to push back against the attempts to resegregate our schools and fight for education justice, please continue to visit this website or send an email to

Hope you can make it out Thursday!

RSVP on Facebook by clicking here!

Join the Young People’s Community Organizing and Leadership Institute!

Calling High Schools Students! Work this Summer to Save Our Schools, End Racism, and Stop Re-segregation!

Action for Community in Raleigh invites you to:
Join the Young People’s Community Organizing and Leadership Institute

The Young People’s Community Organizing and Leadership Institute will take place in the summer of 2010. The Institute will be led by a multi-racial, multi-lingual group of young people who will work with communities around Wake County.

Together we will build strong alliances that will fight the move to re-segregate public schools in Wake County, and beyond that, make our schools and communities more just and equitable for ALL students, parents, and families. Graduates of the Institute will complete trainings in the following areas:
· Multi-racial organizing
· Investigation and research methods
· Power-mapping and building an organizing campaign
· Neighborhood canvassing and community outreach
· Interview techniques & video/editing production
· Event planning, lobbying, and how to organize rallies and protests that have impact

Institute participants will conduct video interviews with parents, students, residents, teachers and civil rights leaders and will create a series of informational videos about the history of the school system that will underscore what is at stake for our communities. You will share the work at the end of the summer through a media showcase.

Participants who are accepted to the full program and who can complete least 130 hours of training and fieldwork are eligible for a $600 award.

If you are not able to complete the entire Institute – it’s ok – we still need you! Sign up to volunteer over the summer – you’ll go door-knocking, organize concerts and other events, and help to build a strong army of students who will work together to create the kind of schools we all need and deserve!

To download and fill out an application click here!

To submit your application send it via e-mail to or mail to 331 W Main St, Suite 408, Durham, NC 27701 Questions? call 919 413-1276