Grateful for our network of geniuses

In Durham we focused on the theme of space, place, and power. This is the first year we organized a Freedom School in Durham so it was important for us to think often and critically about our relationship to the world around us. From learning about the historically Black neighborhood of Hayti to reproductive justice, […]

Thank you for joining us

Our Raleigh Freedom School focused on the history and legacy of education and youth justice issues in the U.S. dating back to slavery and the genocide of indigenous people. Together we learned about how history intimately impacts our present and the systems of oppression established the norms we live by (prisons, jails, segregation…) hundreds of […]


  This year we are hosting Freedom School in Raleigh and Durham! New participants can apply to be a part of either track. We are also taking applications for intern roles from youth who have been through our Freedom School program before. Click through for more details!  

ConGRADulations to YOI staff!

Four of beloveds in our YOI community are graduating this Spring! Congratulations to Andrea, Lil Ajamu, Carly, and Sanyu. We have witnessed your hard work, your persistence, and your spirit as you have continued on your journey. We can‘t wait for everything else to come! And we’re so honored to have you on our side.