Youth Organizing Institute 2012

Youth Organizing Institute 2012

We are coming to an end of our beautiful institute and we are more than confident that our new generation of freedom fighters will carry out their vision of change. Our community of amazing activists stepped up and shared their skills, methods, and love with our young people and now we hope to pass this on to them. We have come a long way since 2010 and we continue to grow thanks to our donors.

Week Two: Arts in the Movement

The second week of YOI is off to a great start! The participants learned and discussed the STPP (School To Prison Pipeline) along with their experiences that connect to it. They also learned about arts in the movement and different ways it can form. The Moves of Resistance was taught by Matthias from Spirit House. […]

Youth Organizing Institute Begins!

The Youth Organizing Institute has begun! Ten new participants from across the triangle started an exciting first week. During the first session participants learned about deep listening, as well as power and privilege with Tema from Dismantling  Racism Works. Participants had time to meet each other as we started to build community among new youth organizers! Later […]