You can crush the flower, but you can’t stop the spring.









 500 youth, parents, and adult allies joined us throughout the day to celebrate Southern QueerYouth! There were youth drag performances and lots of bands. The program featured Mental Rolodex, Corporate Herpes, NuCorporate, and Hamslam Jamalam among others. We had over 10 booths representing various organizations and GSAs/QSAs, each with its own interactive activity ranging from stenciling to creating backward zines!
Thank you to everyone who helped make the 2nd Annual Queernival a huge success. You know you’ve made it when there’s a bouncy castle on site!1507928_10105926900306150_8399779645389333979_n


iNSIDEoUT, QORDS, Calvary United Methodist Church, Disability Community in Durham

Kevin Kahn, Jess Jude, Michelle Kahn, JL Ariansen, Richard Stern, Abby Stern, Albert Thrower, Destry Taylor, Ian Trupin, Tiphany Orticke, Rachel Cotterman, Eli Ogburn, Q Wideman, Burge Walz Crew, Elena Everett, Ariana Goswick, Kesha Winley, Andy Katz, Sunny, Matthias Pressley, Lexi, Nik Wall, Robert Wells, Eva Panjwani, Ana, Mendal Polish, Carly Campbell, Jes Kelley, Shilpi Misra, Anthony, Liam, and Lee!

In honor of all of the queer and trans youth we have lost and will continue to fight for.




Queernival is a Southern Celebration of Youth Liberation organized by youth people!

On March 28 we will come together for the 2nd ever-Queernival to celebrate, educate, organize, throw pies, and get our dance on!

Queernival is organized by the North Carolina Queer Youth Power Coalition (NCQYPC). NCQYPC is a youth-centered collaborative to strengthen the movement for queer liberation in the South. Coalition members include the Youth Organizing Institute, QORDS (Queer Oriented Radical Days of Summer), and iNSIDEoUT/UPSIDEDOWN.

Each of our organizations works on a wide range of issues affecting LGBTQ youth in the South: school to prison pipeline, safer spaces for LGBTQ youth, gay-straight alliances/queer-straight alliances, and opportunities for queer and trans youth to build with each other at the intersections of race, gender, sexuality, dis/ability and class.

We want Queernival to be accessible to all and fun for the whole family, with prizes, activities, and performance. In order to ensure our open mic and drag show can is hoping to strengthen our commitment to accessibility and disability justice.

But we need some help to make this a reality.

We are fundraising to cover the costs of:

  • Wheelchair accessible porta potty ($220)
  • Wheelchair accessible ramps for entry into Church space ($100)
  • Queernival swag and goodies ($150 for 3 color screens & ink to make NCQYPC bandanas, patches, t-shirst, & more)
  • A BOUNCY CASTLE ($225)

Help make the 2nd Annual Queernival a huge success.

There will be:

  • Youth Drag Performance
  • Open Mic
  • Youth Musicians and Teen Bands
  • Booths by local Gay-Straight Alliances and Multicultural Clubs
  • Delicious Local Food
  • Queer Carnival Games
  • Intergenerational Queer Family Lovespace!

NCQYPC would like to say thank you to everyone who has helped make this happen.

Calvary United Methodist Church | Chirba Chirba | Operation Bullyhorn | TheLRoomBNB | Teenage Mutants | Athens Drive Queer Straight Alliance |NC State GLBT Center | Durham County Library | Cary High School QSA | Youth Against Rape Culture & Queer Youth Drop-in | Apex HS Gay Straight Alliance | E Chapel Hill High QSA | Riverside QSA | Tim Stallman | QORDS | iNSIDEoUT | Youth Organizing Institute


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#BlackLivesMatter Youth Assembly Recap

1st ever #BlackLivesMatter Youth Assembly in North Carolina
Over 200 youth from across NC convened to strategize and vision for the fight to protect Black and Brown lives. We came together at Shaw University, the historic campus where SNCC (Student Non-violent Coordinating Committee) was founded in 1960.
We held small break out groups where youth from different geographies discussed what felt most urgent and threatening in their local communities. The assembly closed with a resolution process in which different communities, student groups, universities, and youth organizers passed resolutions on the kind of solidarity we need and will be working for as youth impacted by the injustices and oppression of racism, sexism, homophobia and transphobia, classism, war, and environmental injustice.



Join us in Estey Hall at Shaw University for a historic Black Lives Matter Youth Assembly on the campus where SNCC (Student Non-Violent Coordinating Committee) was founded.


MIKE BROWN, AIYANA JONES, JESUS HUERTA, JESSIE HERNANDEZ, DEREK WALKER, ISLAN NETTLES. We mourn them, but we won’t mourn in silence. We are young people of color acting up and speaking out in defense of our own bodies and lives. We remember that police forces originate from slave patrols and that prisons were built to replace plantations; we know that the police were never meant to serve or protect us. We demand a world in which Black lives matter; where we are not criminalized and hunted, but protected and loved.

WE NEED A #BLACKLIVESMATTERYOUTH ASSEMBLY because we will not be talked over or spoken for. We call for intentional youth-led and youth-centered spaces that fight because Black Lives Matter. We call for intentional Black Lives centered youth spaces with the understanding that when Black youth are free, we are all free.

WE STAND FOR THE SELF-DEFENSE OF BLACK BODIES AGAINST POLICE. We demand justice for Marissa Alexander, we celebrate the memory of Joan Little, we demand liberty and justice for Carlos Riley Jr., who remains incarcerated for defending his Black body from a killer cop.

#BLACKLIVESMATTER MEANS ALL OF US. We are creating space to uplift and mourn the lives lost of countless Black transgender women since the beginning of the year. We stand firm in holding the intersections of race, class, sexuality, and gender identity and affirm that Black Lives Matter means all of us.

With support from:
Destiny Hemphill | Eva Panjwani | Kenneth Strickland | Sam | DeeDee Jackson | Danielle Boachie | Andy Koch | Zaina Alsous | Tavon Bridges | Ajamu Dillahunt, JR. | Markyona | Andrea Padilla | Ariel Griffin |Youth Organizing Institute | Ignite NC | NC Student Power Union | NC HEAT | Black Workers for Justice | Southern Vision Alliance | Durham Solidarity Center | And countless others who have offered solidarity and support in this visioning process.

Statement here:

2015 HKonJ Weekend

There’s a lot happening this #HKonJ weekend, what better way to show your love for justice, revolutionary youth power, and movement than to join us for all of these things!!!

Friday the 13th: Pre-HKonJ ~*Spooky Sleepover*~ Youth Convening:

Friday the 14th: March with the Black Lives Matter Youth Assembly Contingent, 9am is our pre-rally in Moore Square

Friday the 14th after HKonJ: is the first ever NC statewide Black Lives Matter Youth Assembly:

#BlackLivesMatter #MikeBrownPresente!

We’re digitized!

voz y canto

*drum roll* Our zine, Voz y Canto/Voice & Song, along with the soundtrack of chants, songs, and icebreakers for youth liberation is now available online. Please read, listen, share, and even download!

Thanks to our very own Carly Campbell and Monse Matehuala for pouring their love into this zine and soundtrack. And thanks to everyone who helped us to translate, find the right words, and record the soundtrack. We are honored to be able to share this brilliance with the world and are grateful for the amazing support we’ve received.

Thank you!


We want to say a BIG THANK YOU to everyone who donated to our end-of-year fundraising efforts. We were able to surpass our goal of $2500 by raising $2790! Most zines and YOI swag went out in the mail before the end of the year so we hope that folks are enjoying their copy! We will have updates soon about a digital copy of the soundtrack for folks who received them.


Abby Hylton
Elizabeth Wagoner
Isela Gutierrez
Manzoor Cheema
Ha Tran
Angélica De Jesus
Ted Lewis
Evan Koloshna
Jade Brooks
Carolina Velez
Tanya Tran
Sarah Campbell
Jeff Winder
Barbara Lau
Jess St. Louis
Bex Orton
dante strobino
Sanyu Gichie
Kathryn Kevin
Martha Matehuala
Jane Stein
Daniel Wideman
Jessica Sandford
Dane Summers
Bryan Perlmutter
Q Wideman
Chris Toenes
Jean Shepard
Monserrat Matehuala
Nadeen Bir
James Cersonsky
Cara Isher-Witt
Mandy Carter
Molly Shannon
Steve Gillis
DeeYonce Jackson
Karen Crowell
eli mann
Lena Almick
Meredith Gray
Carissa Morrison
Rachel Cotterman
Eli Longnecker
Richmond Reproductive Freedom Project (RRFP)
Jen Story
Kirin Kanakkanatt
Tim Stallman
And various anonymous donors!