Announcing YOI’s New Director: Loan Tran

Dear community, 

                  I joined the Youth Organizing Institute family in 2013 as a volunteer and community supporter. The first program that I came in touch with was YOI’s Summer Freedom School–a multi-week summer camp for young people who want to fight the power and change the world. I got the witness the magic of high school students who were committing themselves to dismantling the school-to-prison-pipeline, end school re-segregation, and make schools safe for LGBTQ youth. In 3 days, I was completely transformed by the vision of YOI.

In the summer of 2014, I joined YOI staff in a part time capacity, relating to Freedom School, communications, and development work of the organization. In the past 3 years of working with YOI I have see firsthand how crucial it is to believe the experiences of young people of the world we live in. More importantly, how necessary it is to create space for youth to take control of their destinies and strategize for a world worth living in. From “Building Bridges: Teen Convening” that brings together youth leaders across different organizations and issues; to “Queernival: A Celebration of Southern Queer Youth Liberation”; to our” Solutions Not Suspensions” campaign that has pushed for restorative justice programs, ensured bilingual (Spanish-English) access in Wake County schools, to decreasing suspension rates, our commitment is always to our movement and the youth on the frontlines–without their steadfast vision, this work would not be as dynamic, creative, and powerful.

As of June, I am transitioning into the Director role at YOI, succeeding the vision and leadership of Elena Everett, who has committed her greatest love to building this organization along with original co-founder Monse Alvarez. It is with great humility that I accept this role and an honored to be part of a community whose support, love, and fighting spirit makes this work possible. I have a lot of ideas and visions I hope to share later this summer.

In the meantime, nothing would feel more congratulatory than a contribution to support YOI this summer as we enter our 7th year of the Summer Freedom School program. We are running two tracks (one in Durham, one in Raleigh), supporting our friends in Chapel Hill, and organizing an intergenerational Freedom School in Eastern NC this fall.

Our Freedom School program has always operated on a shoe-string budget and with the love of volunteers, donors, and allies who show up time and time again. Please consider making a contribution today to help us reach our goal of raising $2,500 for this summer.

Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to be part of this work and to lead the Youth Organizing Institute into our next period of work, we will continue to not only defend and protect the gains made by young freedom fighters but push for an even more transformative vision of how young people should be able to participate in and craft our society.

make a donation

With love and solidarity,

Loan Tran

7th Annual Summer Freedom School: Build Youth Power to Fight the Power!

yoi fs 2016

Participants of 2015 YOI Freedom School Durham Track in front of the historic Pauli Murray House.

Help us raise $2,500 to support the 7th Annual Summer Freedom School.

Over the past 6 years, YOI has convened the Summer Freedom School program, bringing together young people who dare to change the world.

Youth of color, LGBTQ youth, working class youth, and immigrant youth come together from high schools across the Triangle; from Raleigh to Durham, Greensboro to Fayetteville, Benson to Fuquay Varina, Chapel Hill to Carborro with a common passion for dismantling the school to prison pipeline, ending school resegregation, making schools safe for LGBTQ youth, and much more.

As we enter our 7th year of the program, we feel the gravity and urgency of building youth power to fight the power more than ever before. This year alone we have seen egregious attacks on immigrant workers with HB318, queer and trans youth with HB2, and recently, on HBCUs with SB873. These are not just policies and pieces of legislation, they have real, tangible impacts on the livelihood of young people everywhere.

We also know that young people boldly and bravely resist these attacks on their communities and families and are on the frontlines of our movement. We are called to fortify our commitment to developing youth organizers who take on the most difficult challenge of our time: transforming our society into one free of oppression and abundant with opportunities for everyone to determine and control their futures.

We see our Freedom School program as a key part of this work. Please make a contribution today to get us to our fundraising goal of $2,500. This money goes towards paying our interns, stipending our participants, snacks, meals, and field trips. 

We could not pull off Freedom School without the support over our community — from those who donate to volunteers and adult allies to our friends at Pullen Memorial Baptist Church and Carolina Friends Meeting House. Thank you for your ongoing support over the past 7 years.

2016 YOI Summer Freedom School Adult Ally Support Signup!


This summer the Youth Organizing Institute is hosting its 7th Annual FREEDOM SCHOOL! It will be our second year with both a Raleigh and Durham Freedom School (AND we are also supporting Chapel Hill partners run their own). Over the years, adults have been an essential part of the Schools, and we want to deepen and expand our holding environment of adult allies. This is an opportunity for you, as an adult ally, to continue to build a better culture of support for young activists as leaders in the movement for social justice!

The dates are as follows (locations will be announced shortly):

RALEIGH: June 28-July 8 (Tuesday-Friday, 10am-4pm)
DURHAM: August 8-12 (Tuesday-Friday, 10am-4pm)

We will have an adult ally and parent/guardian orientation on the following dates:

Raleigh: Tuesday, June 21st (tentatively from 6pm-7pm, or a similar evening time)
Durham: Tuesday, July 26th (tentatively from 6pm-7pm, or a similar evening time)

We are so excited for this summer and WE NEED YOUR SUPPORT! As a low-budget operation, we rely on our amazing adult ally network to make things possible. Every day we need adult allies to help the ship sail smoothly! Each School will have about 12-15 youth participants between the ages of 13-18, and a program team of around 5 young and older adults.

Ways you can support:
>> Attend the School for an entire day (or days!) to be an extra set of hands. You can also support for part of the day. (e.g. first to arrive, space set-up, general clean-up, snack prep, running errands, etc.)
>> Help with breakfast Tues-Thurs. (e.g. set-up, clean-up, food donations and deliveries)
>> Help with lunch Tues-Thurs. (e.g. set-up, clean-up, food donations and deliveries)
>> Give youth rides in the morning to the School and/or bring youth home at the end of the day
>> Offer to lead a skill share and/or workshop for the curriculum team to consider
>> Provide supplies and materials
>> Chaperone our field trips and field days

Thank you so much for your continued support of youth organizing in North Carolina. Learn more about YOI’s Summer Freedom Schools at

Contact: Anthony Maglione, YOI Event & Volunteer Coordinator,




The Youth Organizing Institute is a popular and political education leadership development program committed to DISMANTLING THE SCHOOL-TO-PRISON-PIPELINE, ENDING RACISM & RESEGREGATION, AND MAKE SCHOOLS SAFE FOR LGBTQ YOUTH.

FOR FREEDOM SCHOOL INTERNS (available only to alumni of previous Freedom Schools): Wednesday, MAY 18th

For the past 6 years our Summer Freedom School has been a space for high school students who are passionate about changing the world to convene, share stories, and learn the skills necessary for creating the world we deserve. There will be art, workshops, dancing, talent shows, field trips, and so much more!

Freedom School tracks are 2 weeks long – Tuesdays – Fridays 9am-5pm; Friday programming may run later.

Interested? Fill out this application! SPACE IS LIMITED. If you are accepted into the program, you will be eligible to receive a $100 stipend for completing your Freedom School track. Meals provided and transportation available.

Track 1: Raleigh Freedom School – June 28 – July 8
Track 2: Chapel Hill Freedom School – July 19 – July 29
Track 3: Durham Freedom School – August 2 – August 12
SPECIAL TRACK – Eastern NC inter-generational overnight Weekend Freedom School – August 12 – August 15

More information about who we are:

Ending the Criminalization of Students in Wake County

Please RVSP here
by April 4th

A Community meeting to address increased suspension, over-policing and mass incarceration of black and brown youth in Wake County. If you feel this is a issue in are public schools come out and let your voice be heard !

The Facts:
-62% of students suspended are Black, while 13.5% are Latino.

-More than 11% of Black students will be blocked from a classroom due to increased suspension, expulsion and arrest.

-When school resource officers arrest students, 69% of them are Black and 48% of them are forced into the adult criminal system.

-Less than 1% are given the chance to go through mediation instead of jail.

For any details or information contcat info or (919) 239-0986

Food, childcare and Spanish interpretation will be available.

We oppose House Bill 2! Black trans lives matter!

Today in North Carolina, legislators have called an emergency session to ensure that LGBTQ people, workers, and students will be met with pushback and discrimination at work, in restrooms, at schools, and essentially any space where trans people want to access resources and accommodations.

We oppose HB 2 and recognize that this bill will be particularly damaging for trans women and trans and queer youth of color. The attacks in this bill go beyond any regulations for bathrooms and requirements for documentation. HB 2 includes provisions to prevent local city governments from protecting their workers against discrimination and paying living wage. This attack is another step in ensuring that North Carolina continues in a politically regressive direction.

We will not stop fighting until Black trans lives matter, until Black workers matter, until Black youth matter.

‪#‎BlackLivesMatter‬ Queer and Trans People of Color Coalition Response to NC HB 2

On the anniversary of the passing of Blake Brockington, a Black trans teen from Charlotte, North Carolina, Governor Pat McCrory and the North Carolina General Assembly moved to attack working people and create dangerous conditions for women, LGBTQ people, black and brown people, and any workers who experience discrimination or who struggle to make ends meet.

The General Assembly and Governor McCrory chose to criminalize trans and gender nonconforming children and youth, and to scapegoat trans women and other trans people for rape by passing NC HB 2. House Bill 2 bars city and county governments from raising their municipal minimum wage, as well as prohibits anti-discrimination policies that account for gender identity, expression, and sexual orientation. Lawmakers were given only 5 minutes to review the bill and it passed within a 12 hour period without a single trans person of color being allowed to speak.
This bill reinforces the school to prison pipeline that trans and gender non-conforming students of color already face by making their choice of toilet grounds for suspension or arrest.
This bill rolls back decades of hard-won progress, and will harm our whole state. It undermines municipal democratic control, advancements in anti-discrimination policy, and further prohibits wage increases. This is a direct assault on working families and particularly working women of color who are most likely to be paid poverty wages. LGBTQ folks of color are workers, and we are worth more!

This bill uses trans panic and the scapegoating of trans women to derail real conversations about safety and consent. Trans and queer people are survivors of sexual assault, too. Our safety matters and we don’t make our community safer by threatening others with the brute force of the murderous police or incarceration. If our state is truly concerned for survivors of sexual assault, it will make comprehensive consent and sex education mandatory. This law does nothing to prevent indecent exposure and sexual assault, which are already illegal, but instead prevents local governments from protecting the safety and livelihoods of queer and trans people.

We honor and fight for Blake by affirming that our lives matter. Anti-transgender bias and legislation and persistent structural racism directly impact the devastating rates of suicidality, unemployment, physical and sexual violence, poverty, incarceration and homelessness experienced by transgender people of color.

Trans and Queer people of color demand a living wage and freedom from criminalization and discrimination, in the workplace and in the bathroom.

Tonight, we are calling for a Special Session of the People outside of the Governor’s mansion. For Blake Brockington, for Angel Elisha Walker, for all Black and Brown trans and queer people in North Carolina who have been murdered, disappeared, or incarcerated, it is our duty to speak. It is our duty to demand freedom, to demand a living wage, to demand education, to demand comprehensive health care that is accessible and free of charge.

QPOCC, The Tribe, #BlackLivesMatter North Carolina, Sister Song, Ignite NC, Southern Vision Alliance, Youth Organizing Institute, #BlackLivesMatter Gate City, Workers World Party, SONG NC, Greensboro Mural Project, GenderBenders, Fight for $15, QORDS, Trans Pride in Action, Queer Youth Circus, House daLorde, Movement to End Racism and Islamophobia (MERI-NC), SAFE Coalition NC, LGBTQ Center of Durham, Center for Family and Maternal Wellness

Registration for Teen Convening, now open!

Click here to register your youth group for Building Bridges: Teen Convening

Each spring since 2012, the Youth Organizing Institute has hosted the Building Bridges Teen Convening, a retreat for youth organizers and activists throughout North Carolina. Through this convening, teen organizers and adult allies who organize to end the school-to-prison pipeline, fight racism, work for LGBTQ liberation, create food justice, and other issues, come together and build bridges in the intersections of the issues and work they focus on. High school students from across the state are able to talk about issues affecting them in their schools and communities, lead workshops and skillshares about issues and skills that are relevant to the work they engage in. The programming is developed and led entirely by a team of representatives from the youth organizations who will be in attendance. The role of adult allies is to support with logistics and transportation, as well as to share space with other adult allies and discuss their work with youth.

YOI believes in the liberation of young people and strongly feel that in order to build a strong movement, we need to build intentional relationships with organizations who share our vision of youth liberation. It is with great joy that we invite you to register for our fourth annual teen convening!!!


We Condemn the Raids! Stop the Attacks on Immigrants!

The Youth Organizing Institute is in solidarity with the families, students, parents, and communities impacted by the ICE raids.

We support the freedom of movement of migrants who are leaving their home countries as a result of U.S. foreign and immigration policies. Undocumented immigrants should not be targeted for finding a way to survive.

We uplift the efforts of our local community to resist and fight against the criminalization of youth of color and undocumented immigrants. Please continue to support the work of organizations such as SEIRN, El Pueblo, Inc, and many other grassroots organizations who are on the frontlines of this fight.

The repressive political conditions of North Carolina, including the recently approval of anti-immigrant bill HB 11, makes these ICE raids possible and we will not stop until these ICE raids end!