Youth Mobilize for HKonJ

On February 9th students from NC HEAT mobilized to participate in HKonJ (Historic Thousands on Jones Street). With over 9,000 people from across the state demanding a progressive agenda for NC students were in full force. NC HEAT members joined with other students demanding equality in schools and access to public services. In a time when the legislature in NC wants to take us backwards students are showing a way forward. NC HEAT will continue to demand changes that honor the voices of youth and create liberation for all.

hkonj pic 2013

Teen Convening a Success

Building Bridges Teen Convening at the Stone House

On Feb 1-2, teen activists and adult allies organizing to end the school-to-prison pipeline, fight racism, work for LGBTQ liberation, food justice, and other issues, held a gathering to chart out the next steps for the building bridges to create a stronger youth movement. High School students from across NC were able to talk about issues effecting them in their schools and communities. With time to make new friends and connections, students are coming together to create change in their communities. This was the first-ever retreat for high school students that was completely planned by the youth. While adults were charged with logistics and transportation, youth created their own program and activities. The student movement in NC is growing thanks to the amazing youth who are leading the way.


Support the Youth Organizing Institute

 Recent NC Election Results Keeping you Awake at Night?

Then invest in North Carolina’s Next Generation of Advocates to help you sleep better.

 The Super Majorities in BOTH houses of NC Legislature AND the Governor’s Office on a “MISSION FROM THE POPE” (Art) to cut back & privatize public education in NC – to roll back the progressive movement’s gains and our shared social safety net that will overwhelmingly impact the opportunities & futures for low income & working class youth – particularly immigrant youth & youth of color.

Every year, our school budgets shrink while our prison budgets grow!


As a Holiday Gift To Yourself & the future of North Carolina


We know what’s coming – we need to be ready to defend our future – and we need to make sure our young people have the tools & resources they need to organize & push-back against push-out.

To Call for a MORATORIUM on Out of School Suspensions

To Just Say No to Privatization

To Put the Brakes on the School to Prison Pipeline

Now more than ever we need young people who think critically about the way their schools and governments are being run, and empower them with the tools to organize & implement their creative solutions!

In 2013, the Youth Organizing Institute (YOI) will turn 4 years old.  We are a popular education leadership development program for high school students.  We provide trainings on the root causes of injustice, how those root causes are manifested in policies that affect our lives, and how organizing can create change.  In the past 3 years, over 50 Triangle teens have participated in our trainings, and we have helped to mobilize hundreds of young people.

We support youth-led organizations like NC HEAT (North Carolina Heroes Emerging Among Teens) and young people organizing in their schools with Gay Straight Alliances and other groups.  We are committed to building bridges between young people, adults, and elders.

Funds donated will help us:

  • Organize against impending austerity measures, particularly against schools and teachers and push-back against privatization,
  • Put on a North Carolina teen activist convening in February to build up our networks of high school groups, focusing on building bridges among their communities,
  • Build our bilingual capacity through interpreting equipment and making our events, meetings, and mobilizations multi-lingual,
  • Develop peer education around the school-to-prison pipeline and school push-out,
  • Launch a campaign for a Moratorium on out of-school suspensions.

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Winter Training a Success

ImageOn December 1 over 15 high school students from across the triangle gathered for the Youth Organizing Institute Winter Training. Students participated in workshops about relevant political issues and ways to be creative activists. These included workshops about Art Pope and School Pushout policies, a media training, a drumming workshop and a workshop on creating oral histories.

The workshops for the training were developed by the requests of current participants in NC HEAT. The Youth Organizing Institute believes that youth must be at the center of any relevant political movement. The Winter training helped the youth become better organizers and they will put those skills to use in their schools and communities.

2012 What we accomplished

2012 was a great year for the Youth Organizing Institute! Young people came together to participate in popular education workshops and trainings, and infused their new skills and knowledge into community organizing focused on education, immigration, and the school-to-prison-pipeline.

In February we marched at the annual Historic Thousands on Jones Street in Raleigh, and collected signatures for the boycott of Art Pope’s stores, Roses and Maxway.  We held a picket at Maxway in Southeast Raleigh in which over 40 people came to support NC HEAT and the campaign to get Art Pope’s money out of the school system.

When the YWCA closed down, NC HEAT led the efforts to support the displaced workers by raising money, issuing solidarity statements, and organizing community-worker meetings.  The Youth Organizing Institute organized a Spring Training Day in late March, which included a canvassing training, a political spoken word workshop, and a school to prison pipeline workshop.  We also attended a Mountain Top Removal conference and participated in a rally at Progress Energy.

As we moved into the summer, we had our annual summer Youth Organizing Institute. Participants came from across the triangle to learn, laugh, and grow. We participated in workshops from the Sacrificial Poets, Spirithouse, movement elders, and past participants. The institute allowed participants to gain new knowledge of the struggles different people face while building practical organizing skills. Participants created a final project which included a spoken word performance. These new skills were put into place as the year continued.

In September NC HEAT members spent time mobilizing for pride in Durham. Students from NC HEAT marched with iNSIDEoUT to demand equality in schools for LGBTQ students.

In October NC HEAT organized a march, rally, and cultural program about the School to Prison Pipeline  in coordination with Dignity in Schools national week of action against school push-out.  Youth from over 4 different high schools came together to share poetry and stories and SPEAK OUT about suspensions, high-stake testing, and SRO’s in schools.

We will be ending the year with a Winter Training Day which will include workshops on performance and activism, school push-out policies, and make-your-own media. These youth organizers are excited to respond to the issues they face daily with creativity and collective action.

NC HEAT Making Noise in front of NC Central Prison

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On Oct 6, 2012 NC HEAT (Heroes Emerging Among Teens) hosted a march from Washington Elementary to Central Prison as part of Dignity in School’s Week of Action to Stop School Push-Out.

When NC HEAT arrived at Central Prison, the crowd erupted in a cacophony of noise to reach the ears of the inmates inside. Later in the rally, one student read a letter she had sent to some of the prisoners, explaining why were were outside and why we were trying to stop the School to Prison Pipeline. Over 50% of all people incarcerated in the US never graduated high school.

We must put the brakes on the School to Prison Pipeline and Stop School Push-Out.

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Youth Organizing Institute Winter Training

ImageDecember 1st, 9AM-4PM

Register here by November 20th:

On December 1 there will be a Youth Organizing Institute Winter Training. The workshops will be based on what current NC HEAT members and past participants have requested!This year’s Winter 2012 workshops will include: 

  • Understanding School Push-Out, Education Justice, Art Pope & the Attacks on Public Education
  • Media Spokesperson Training
  • Creative Activism (including performance and drumming!)
  • DIY (Do It Yourself) Arts and Media for activism.

Please register by November 20 if you want to attend this training. If you have any questions feel free to contact Monse Alvarez at or Bryan Perlmutter at

Please feel free to share this with any teen who has a passion for and a love of justice!


ImageNC HEAT joined with community members to march against the school to prison pipeline! Youth from over 4 different high schools came together to talk about suspensions, high-stake testing, and SRO’s in schools. 

The march left from Washington GT Magnet Elementary School and ended at central prison. Chants of “EDUCATION NOT INCARCERATION” and “When education is under attack what do we do STAND UP FIGHT BACK!” echoed through the streets.

The event ended with a speak out in front of the prison hearing testimony and spoken word from students, parents, and community members. 

The event also received some great press coverage which is below!

NC HEAT Calls for October 6th Action

On October 6th, NC HEAT is organizing a local day of action as part of Dignity In School’s National Week of Action against school push-out. Please join us at Washington GT Magnet Elementary School for a march to Central Prison at 4pm. This event is raising the issue of the school to prison pipeline and school push-out policies.

This is action as mentioned above is part of Dignity in School’s National Week of Action on School Pus-hout which will take place during the week of September 29 to October 6, 2012.

Throughout the week, thousands of parents, students, educators and education advocates will take part in student-led actions and events around the country to expose the school push-out crisis and and advocate for the human rights of every young person and student to a quality education and to be treated with dignity.For more information about DIS and the National Week of Action:

NC HEAT Mobilizes for Pride with iNSIDEoUT

NC HEAT members are getting ready for pride on Saturday September 29th in Durham. Pride is a great opportunity for community members and students to come together a celebration and an opportunity to raise the voice of the LGBTQ community. Members from NC HEAT also participate in a group call iNSIDEoUT, a network of GSA (Gay straight alliance) and QSA (Querre straight alliances) from around the state. We are excited for this new partnership as we build with different communities to raise our voices. Come out Saturday in Durham to support us!Image