NC HEAT Making Noise in front of NC Central Prison

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On Oct 6, 2012 NC HEAT (Heroes Emerging Among Teens) hosted a march from Washington Elementary to Central Prison as part of Dignity in School’s Week of Action to Stop School Push-Out.

When NC HEAT arrived at Central Prison, the crowd erupted in a cacophony of noise to reach the ears of the inmates inside. Later in the rally, one student read a letter she had sent to some of the prisoners, explaining why were were outside and why we were trying to stop the School to Prison Pipeline. Over 50% of all people incarcerated in the US never graduated high school.

We must put the brakes on the School to Prison Pipeline and Stop School Push-Out.

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Youth Organizing Institute Winter Training

ImageDecember 1st, 9AM-4PM

Register here by November 20th:

On December 1 there will be a Youth Organizing Institute Winter Training. The workshops will be based on what current NC HEAT members and past participants have requested!This year’s Winter 2012 workshops will include: 

  • Understanding School Push-Out, Education Justice, Art Pope & the Attacks on Public Education
  • Media Spokesperson Training
  • Creative Activism (including performance and drumming!)
  • DIY (Do It Yourself) Arts and Media for activism.

Please register by November 20 if you want to attend this training. If you have any questions feel free to contact Monse Alvarez at or Bryan Perlmutter at

Please feel free to share this with any teen who has a passion for and a love of justice!


ImageNC HEAT joined with community members to march against the school to prison pipeline! Youth from over 4 different high schools came together to talk about suspensions, high-stake testing, and SRO’s in schools. 

The march left from Washington GT Magnet Elementary School and ended at central prison. Chants of “EDUCATION NOT INCARCERATION” and “When education is under attack what do we do STAND UP FIGHT BACK!” echoed through the streets.

The event ended with a speak out in front of the prison hearing testimony and spoken word from students, parents, and community members. 

The event also received some great press coverage which is below!

NC HEAT Calls for October 6th Action

On October 6th, NC HEAT is organizing a local day of action as part of Dignity In School’s National Week of Action against school push-out. Please join us at Washington GT Magnet Elementary School for a march to Central Prison at 4pm. This event is raising the issue of the school to prison pipeline and school push-out policies.

This is action as mentioned above is part of Dignity in School’s National Week of Action on School Pus-hout which will take place during the week of September 29 to October 6, 2012.

Throughout the week, thousands of parents, students, educators and education advocates will take part in student-led actions and events around the country to expose the school push-out crisis and and advocate for the human rights of every young person and student to a quality education and to be treated with dignity.For more information about DIS and the National Week of Action:

NC HEAT Mobilizes for Pride with iNSIDEoUT

NC HEAT members are getting ready for pride on Saturday September 29th in Durham. Pride is a great opportunity for community members and students to come together a celebration and an opportunity to raise the voice of the LGBTQ community. Members from NC HEAT also participate in a group call iNSIDEoUT, a network of GSA (Gay straight alliance) and QSA (Querre straight alliances) from around the state. We are excited for this new partnership as we build with different communities to raise our voices. Come out Saturday in Durham to support us!Image

Youth Organizing Institute 2012

Youth Organizing Institute 2012

We are coming to an end of our beautiful institute and we are more than confident that our new generation of freedom fighters will carry out their vision of change. Our community of amazing activists stepped up and shared their skills, methods, and love with our young people and now we hope to pass this on to them. We have come a long way since 2010 and we continue to grow thanks to our donors.

Week Two: Arts in the Movement

ImageThe second week of YOI is off to a great start! The participants learned and discussed the STPP (School To Prison Pipeline) along with their experiences that connect to it. They also learned about arts in the movement and different ways it can form. The Moves of Resistance was taught by Matthias from Spirit House. The moves of resistance came from a scene in the play Collective Sun, which was performed by Spirit House. As an energizer after lunch the participants formed interpretive ways to represent power over and power with which was a way to get the creativity flowing for the day. CJ from Sacrificial Poets directed the last workshop of the day which focused on the importance of story telling and telling our own stories through poetry. Rafi who is one of the participants stated “This was my favorite day so far, the institute keeps getting better and better as the days go by” we look forward to building on previous sessions and knowledge as we move forward! 

Youth Organizing Institute Begins!


The Youth Organizing Institute has begun! Ten new participants from across the triangle started an exciting first week. During the first session participants learned about deep listening, as well as power and privilege with Tema from Dismantling  Racism Works. Participants had time to meet each other as we started to build community among new youth organizers! Later on in the day Lexi and Bryan shared a powerful workshop about movement building. They discussed different roles involved within them and the importance of every role. The day closed with Tomeka sharing a presentation on how to do critical research and the relevance of student movements all over the world. Participants are learning powerful tools to help organize their schools and organizations!

2012 Youth Organizing Institute Accepting Applications!

Work this summer to stop racism & school re-segregation, challenge the school to prison pipeline, and make schools safe for LBGTQ youth.

Seeking applicants for the Youth Organizing Institute – Ages 14-19

Fill out the application online or Download it here: summer 2012 YOI application 

Entering its third year the Youth Organizing Institute is committed to training, supporting, and developing the next generation of activists, organizers, and social change leaders in North Carolina.    

Applications are due June 1.  The YOI will take place on Tuesdays and Thursdays from July 10-26.  


We are youth organizers.  We are immigrants and we are US born.  We are white, black, and brown.  We speak many languages.  We are gay and we are straight.  We believe in solidarity, we support each other, and we affirm the humanity and dignity of every person.  We do not believe in “problem kids.”  We believe society has problems and we must be the ones to fix them.  We believe in hard work and we believe in fun.  We are loyal to each other and dedicated to our values.  We got your back.  We believe that five fingers clutched together are stronger than each finger on its own.

We honor the legacies of the youth organizers and activists who came before us.  We walk in the legacy of SNCC (Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee).  We believe in collective direct action.

We are part of a broad, dynamic, diverse, and international student movement.


Teens accepted into the program must complete 36 hours of classroom & field work.

YOI sessions will be Tuesdays and Thursdays in Raleigh from 10am-4pm from July 10 – July 26.

Those that successfully complete the program will receive a certificate and a $50 stipend.


Together we will build strong alliances that will defend public schools and organize to make our schools and communities more just for ALL students, parents, and families.
We will learn:

  • · Multi-racial, multi-gendered organizing styles and principles
  • · Power-mapping and building an organizing campaign
  • · Neighborhood canvassing and community outreach
  • · Event planning, lobbying, and how to organize rallies and protests that have impact
  • · History of the Civil Rights Movement
  • · Historical role of young people in all positive social movements for justice

Click Here to fill out the online application

Download the application here: summer 2012 YOI application